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Dave Thomas and Son Construction has moved into a new field with the addition of the design and construction of Custom Gun Rooms. There is a growing concern in Northeastern Ohio for the proper storage and security of expanding gun collections and for some, a Custom Gun Room is the answer.Northeast Ohio Area Gun Rooms Please understand that because building a secure Gun Room is a very private thing we can only show you some of the interior pictures of our latest project.

Of course, first and foremost is security. This particular project was built with reinforced 16" thick concrete walls with independent climate and electrical systemsNortheast Ohio Area Custom Gun Rooms Our highly trained installation crews used a crane to set the vault door which was as substantial as you can imagine. If you are interested, please call ((330) 633-8103) or contact us through our Contact Page for more information on the design and construction of a Custom Gun Room.

After security, the actual displaying of the collection is an ongoing process between us and the owner. Chances are, if you have a collection this size, it's something you are be very proud of and displaying it is very important. Lighting is one of the many considerations in displaying your Gun Collection. Diversity in the racks is important in displaying the different styles of guns. These are some of the reasons that you should consider the contractor of your new Gun Room to be possibly the most important decision you make in creating your dream Gun room.

This particular Gun Room took over 60 sheets of quality veneered panels and almost a thousand board feet of hardwood. We used Best Choice Painting for our finishing because they understand the effort put into the cabintry created by us and produce a finish that matches the quality of our Gun Room installation. Northeast Ohio Area Custom Gun Room Construction We listen to you and help you compile the information needed to build your perfect Gun Room. Our expert design team can put together a plan including computer-aided floor plans, elevations and perspective drawings.

We will even assist in researching the latest in Gun Room Security and cabinetry. The Gun Room pictured was actually fashioned, to a degree, after viewing pictures of the Gun Room of Charlton Heston. Here at Dave Thomas and Son Construction we will do everything we can to make sure you end up with your dream Gun Room.Northeast Ohio Area Custom Gun Room Construction Serious clients may be provided with a tour of this particular Gun Room and an opportunity to speak to the owner.

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